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3 Simple Productivity Hacks that You’ve Heard Of, But Never Use

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Many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for that magic productivity pill – for some exotic secret of how to do more.


While the “master hack” for productivity hasn’t been discovered yet, there are a number of small adjustments that successful people make in their daily routines to save time and increase the amount of work done.


And, unless you can teach yourself not to sleep, eat and socialize, your best bet to squeeze more out of your time are small but impactful habits that will get you one step closer to your goals. Every single day, every single hour.


Here are three things that me and a whole lot of other successful entrepreneurs do everyday to maximize their results.


1. Fill in small ‘waiting gaps’ with productive tasks


One thing you’ll never see a successful entrepreneur do is yawn out of boredom. You can literally recognize entrepreneurs from the never-ending hustle – the only time entrepreneurs aren’t talking on the phone, working on their computer or having a meeting are when they sleep.


Why is that? Because people who’ve reached success understand that time is the most valuable resource, and that saving even 5 minutes a day will compound to a significant – often, a decisive – change in overall results over time.


Waiting for your meeting? Doing something mundane that doesn’t demand too much effort (driving, cooking, walking)? Use that time to do something productive – listen to audiobooks, make phone calls or send that extra email.


Most of the tasks we do in our daily lives don’t take up that much of our time, but when you start postponing them for “when you have time”, they stack up to form an unnecessary weight on your shoulders. And you’d be surprised how much more gets done once you start using every available minute productively.


2. Learn to say ‘no’


As you very well know, productivity is directly dependant on well can you focus on whatever you’re working.


However, it’s almost impossible to get away from the noisy world of today. Social media notifications, invitations from friends and other kinds of distractions can dramatically hurt your productivity.


And if you think that it gets more quiet once you reach a certain level in your career or business, you’re plain wrong. As you grow, more and more people will want to connect with you.


It’s your job to restrict yourself from the majority of the offers that interfere with your working hours.


3. Schedule everything


Ever found yourself continuously delaying certain tasks to the last possible minute? If the answer is yes, you can definitely benefit from having a strict schedule for at least two weeks in advance.


One of the key principles in business is trust. And when you tell someone you’ll do something in a certain amount of time, and then fail to deliver, you’re putting the entire deal under huge jeopardy.


Forget to-do lists – they simply aren’t that effective for business. People need to know when exactly can you deliver on your end of the bargain, and if you don’t have a schedule put together, the best answer you can give is “sometime next week.” Which, in most cases, is a straight giveaway that you’re disorganized and unreliable.


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