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Jeremy Adams: From Growing Up In a Trailer to Founding Multi-million Dollar Businesses

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Meet Jeremy Adams, a guy who hustled his way out of a trailer in a small ‘Redneck’ town to founding several multi-million dollar businesses by the age of 27. Jeremy saved up $30 thousand by the time he was 20 waiting tables, and moved to Orlando as soon as he had the chance to get the experience he needed. Tune into our today’s podcast and learn how to make even the most unfortunate of circumstances work in your favor.


Growing Up In a Small ‘Redneck’ Town


Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that many people lack the motivation to start their own ventures simply because they’re too comfortable with their current state of things. Growing up well-off, having a decent job – all of this creates a comfort nest which, given enough time, makes you forget about the bigger dreams that you may have had when you were younger.


Jeremy, on the other hand, had all the incentive he needed. He grew up in a low income family in a small ‘redneck’ (Jeremy’s words) town called Ocala, and since a young age all he could think of is getting out of there.


“I grew up in a trailer and at a young age I knew that I wanted a different lifestyle. I wanted to provide for myself and my family and my relationships in a different way,” Jeremy told us.


So, what does a 16 year old kid with big dreams but no opportunities do? He starts… waiting tables.


“You probably know that other than dealing drugs, waiting tables is probably the best way to make money with little experience and no skillset,” the future millionaire explains.


The job turned out to be quite profitable for the youngster: “At 16 – in high school – I started making $600-800 a week, which to me at the time was… I felt like a God (laughs.) I was so excited. While my friends would meet up and go to McDonalds, me and my friends would be eating at country clubs. We weren’t shy in spending the money.”


From Waiting Tables to Founding a Multimillion Dollar Business


However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Jeremy spent all of the money he made as a waiter. In fact, Jeremy made so much money throughout a series of service jobs that by the time he was 20, he’d already saved up 30 thousand dollars. That’s when he knew it’s time to put that money to good use.


At the time, the soon-to-be entrepreneur was running out of patience with the people surrounding him: “There was a guy – a friend of my dad’s – and I was waiting on him and he asked me how I was and I was just telling him what I was up to when he interrupted me to ask for more sweet tea (laughs.) And then, essentially, I went up to my manager and I asked for a two-weeks notice and decided to move to Orlando.”


After coming to Orlando to stay with his dad, Jeremy found a job as an assistant at a local investment firm and also had to wait tables at night to supplement his income: “I wasn’t really making much at the investment firm – it was more of a learning experience for me.”


“While I was waiting tables, I met a guy – kind of a local Shark Tank investor type (or at least he thought he was) – and he hired me as his full-time assistant. We started a few different businesses together, and at that time I was just his assistant, I didn’t really have any equity.”


However, those years proved to be extremely educational for the young man, and would bear results very soon.


“He mentored me, and the biggest thing he did for me was just [saying] ‘hey, this is what the business needs, figure it out’. And that is very empowering – to figure out how to market a business, how to handle the accounting, all those sorts of things. That really accelerated my education.”


So, soon enough, the two ventured out to start another business – a food truck selling food locally. While that particular business idea didn’t make enough money to ‘get anyone excited’, one day, somebody asked Jeremy whether they could build another food truck just like that one for them.


And that’s how Jeremy’s first multi-million dollar business – Prestige Food Trucks – was born.


To hear the rest of Jeremy Adams’s amazing story, tune into our podcast at the top of the page!


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