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How Smoking is Killing Your Productivity

I’ve was never in the habit of smoking. However, I don’t mind at all if my friends grab a cigarette – if that’s what they enjoy, I’m all for it. Your health and well-being is a resource, just like any other, and it’s entirely up to you how you spend it.


Sadly, not many people consider the other, arguably times more significant cost of smoking – the time consumed.


According to the results of multiple surveys, the average time smoking professionals spend outside ranges from 45 minutes a day to over an hour.


However, in reality, smoking breaks almost always take longer than that. Grabbing an unplanned coffee on your way out, chatting up with a colleague or going to the nearest shop to buy cigarettes – the side activities associated with smoking breaks often lead to a chain of distracting events, killing your precious time.


I mean, there’s a reason why this Japanese company gives its non-smoking employees an additional week off each year – that’s how much they value the time you spend on the activity.


For entrepreneurs, these numbers could be even worse. Without the supervision of a boss, you could be losing hours of productive work every day without even noticing it.


How does one quit the habit of smoking? Can’t tell you for sure, but people keep referring the Allen Carr’s Easyway To Quit Smoking. Therefore, that’s what I’d recommend, too.



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