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Conquering Social Media for Business in 2018

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The social media is changing all the time. The major networks are constantly adding new features which, coupled with the trends governed by users themselves, evolve into must-know business strategies for social media.


As a result, not reinventing your brand on social media every couple of years almost definitely mean you’ll look like a dinosaur in the age of flying cars. Remember that local florist who keeps offering discounts on Facebook every week? Or that corporate video showing some merger’s press-conference? Yep, those are the dinosaurs I’m talking about.


It’s not that they’re doing something wrong. It’s that they’re doing something that just isn’t cool anymore. On social media, where social recognition is the only currency, name of the game is survival of the coolest.


The top social media trends in 2018, likely, are going to be some of the defining trends of the last several years evolving forward. Let’s briefly talk about them and why they’re important for your business.


1. Influencer Marketing


If the only association you can think of when you hear the term influencer marketing is Taylor Swift holding the bottle of your shampoo in front of the camera, buckle up, because your horizons are about to get broader.


Influencer marketing has been the buzzword during the last few years, with 94% of marketers saying it’s an effective marketing strategy.


What is influencer marketing?


Say, your company sells pens. You contact Aaron Sorkin, who’s filming yet another Masterclass screenwriting course, and ask him to use your pen in one of his course videos. Aaron, being the generous lad he is, gladly accepts, and now your pen is subtly seen by hundreds of thousands of eyeballs watching the course. That’s Influencer Marketing for you.


More frequently, Influencers are being chosen by their niche and audience. For example, a nutrition trainer is much more likely asked to mention certain supplements in one of his programs, rather than advertise your logistics business.


Why does it work? Because people like listening to other people. Would you rather buy something based on an expert’s recommendation, or by randomly choosing?


2. Facebook and Instagram Stories


A few years back, Stories were merely a feature on Snapchat to draw d*cks on your friends’ faces. However, ever since Stories were implemented on brand-heavy Instagram and Facebook platforms, they have proven to be a powerful marketing tool, and there’s plenty more to come.


Stories are temporary, which creates a certain sense of urgency – something that marketers spend their days trying to arouse. Whether it’s a special deal or a quick call-to-action, Stories have the power to create even more buzz around your message.


Due to its Snapchat origins, Stories are also suitable to share something… less formal with your brand’s audience. Whether it’s a raw glimpse into your company’s everyday life or a sneak-peek to the next big announcement, Stories enable companies to post content that they would otherwise shy away from.


3. Live streaming


You’ve probably noticed the live videos constantly popping on your Instagram and Facebook feeds. Well, you better get used to them, because they aren’t going away anytime soon. And if you were disappointed by the streams you’ve seen so far, judge carefully – companies are still getting used to the format.


Live streaming, just like Stories, create a sense of urgency like few other marketing tools can. I mean, what can be more important that something happening right now, at this very moment?


What exactly do you choose to stream is entirely up to you. On a live stream, you can address the blog post comments from your latest entry, give your audience a glimpse into your company’s backstage, or simply host an engaging Q&A session with your fans. The most important thing is to get out there and start streaming.


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