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Kayvon, the Ultimate Closer: “Stop selling, start closing”

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Meet Kayvon, one of the most successful salespeople out there on the field today. Kayvon has over 20 years of sales experience and during those years he’s developed a kick-ass system of not only selling but actually closing deals. Tune in to our today’s podcasts and learn how to approach some of the most difficult sales situations and make your prospects get their credit cards!


“We live in a world filled with salespeople”


I’m a die-hard sales guy. Sales is what gave me a start, and sales is what essentially made my dreams come true.


During this journey, I’ve come across so many stereotypes and misconseptions surrounding the craft. Some people believe that in order to make sales, you need to be talking a lot; others think that sales is all about your jawline and what kind of suit you’re wearing.


Our today’s guest – Kayvon – has derived a particular way of distinguishing between good and bad salesmen: there are the ones who sell products, and there are the ones who close clients.


“Very few [salesmen] actually know how to close,” Kayvon told us, “When it comes to selling – that’s the old style when you think of the used car dealership guy. You know, ‘Come on down and get your 20% off!” And you always see your average gurus who say ‘you gotta sell the features, you gotta sell the benefits.’ It doesn’t work.”


What does work, then?


Closing. Closing is what works. Getting the customer to put their credit card numbers into the relevant fields and transferring the money for your goods or services. It might sound absurd, but very few salespeople – even good salespeople – know how to get to that point, according to Kayvon. And that’s the crucial advantage that closers consistently abuse to make their dreams come a reality.


How Do You Deal With ‘The Spouse Objection’?


If you’ve ever tried selling anything at least for a day, chances are you’ve run into what’s known as ‘the spouse objection’ – when the person you’re trying to sell to is reluctant to make a decision without their better halves.


“(First of all), you never, EVER, get on a phone call with anyone else less than the decision maker or the decision makers,” Kayvon shared, “Most salespeople – let’s not be sexist – will sell to the husband. And then, at the end of the day, husband truly does need to speak to the wife. It’s a business or a family decision. Salespeople forget that.”


Okay, but what if you’re already on the phone and need to think fast?


One of the best ways to deal with the situation is staying in control and not going into ‘objection mode’. When you hear the words “I need to speak to my husband”, don’t surrender to your protective instincts. Instead, become curious – “Hm, hm, okay. How long have you been married for?” When they give you an answer, ask something among the lines of “Does your husband always do the dishes for you?”


Once you feel they become a bit relaxed, go in for the kill: “You’ve been with your husband for six years. What do you think he’s gonna think once he finds out you wanna buy something for $10,000? He’s gonna think you’re crazy!”


To seal the deal, say “Don’t you think it would be beneficial for us to get on a three-way call? Naturally, your spouse is going to have a lot of questions.”


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