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Aaron Aguis, founder of Louder Online: From 40 Cents Per Month to Million Dollar Deals

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Meet Aaron Aguis, the guy who went from having a digital nomad dream 10 years ago to becoming one of the world’s sought-after digital marketing experts. Today, Aaron is all over the place and his agency, Louder Online, handles online marketing for companies like Coca-cola, IBM, Ford and Intel. Tune into our today’s podcast and get some of the world’s most valuable digital marketing info!


The Golden Rule of Content Marketing


One of the things that has personally troubled me for years and I see a lot of businesses get completely wrong is their content marketing. Your entrepreneurs seem to think that if you put a piece of writing or a visual image out there with your brand name on it, people will immediatelly start clicking on your website and showing interest in your products or services.


The reality is, however, quite different.


“About 90% of the time, [content marketing] is not about the product – it’s about their industry,” Aaron told us, “It needs to be top-of-funnel content – content that’s about the industry, but something that people would share socially or link to their own sites naturally.”


In other words, if you think that posts about your products or services will get people interested, you’re wrong in about 90% of cases. Most businesses’ products aren’t that exciting, which means that they should focus on posting something that people actually enjoy seeing/reading about, and then connect it to your business in some way.


SEO vs PPC: Where to Spend Your Time and Money?


Naturally, if we didn’t have budget and time constraints, we could just invest into everything, sort out what works best and what doesn’t, and then go from there.


However, most businesses have well-defined budgets, and deciding how to distribute that budget across multiple marketing channels is one of their main challenges. Make the wrong decision and you’re toast.


Luckily, we have people like Aaron whose expertise can save you tons of money.


According to the digital marketing expert, the core question here depends on your goals: “If you’re trying to build a sustainable brand, or are you trying to get quick wins on the board? The answer most people would have at that point is ‘I need to do a bit of both.’”


To hear the rest of Aaron’s story and tons of useful tips you can apply today, make sure to tune into our podcast at the top of the page!


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