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Productivity Overload: How I’m Going to Stay Laser Focused in 2018

2018 is almost here, and I’m more excited than ever. Today, I wanted to share with you guys what I learned about productivity this year and how I’m going to use these lessons next year. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.


To get out of comfort zone, get uncomfortable


One of the most interesting things I’ve learned this year about productivity was that making yourself physically uneasy can turn up your productivity numbers to margins you didn’t think were possible.


You know why athletes keep breaking records year after year? It’s not evolution, obviously – it doesn’t happen this fast.


No, it’s because a hundred years ago we believed that human bodies had certain limits of how much physical pressure they can take. Then, someone took it one step further, and guess what – nothing bad happened to him. When people saw that, then that man became the illustration of maximum potential a human body can achieve. But then came another crazy man, and another, and another.


See, our bodies are biologically smart, and if you learn to control and manipulate your instincts, you can unlock the beast inside of you. If you’re ready to get to where you want to get in life, you’ll need to make the following sacrifices:


  • Stay hungry. A full belly is a big indicator that ‘everything is okay’, and no work needs to be done in order to keep you safe. Everyone knows that eating can make you sleepy, but few people know how laser-sharp your mind becomes once you starve for a day. Trust me, if you’re stuck in life or business and everything just seems too confusing to solve, try not eating for a day or two and see how everything falls in place.
  • Stay cold. If you wanna get a lot of things done, it’s best not to stay in a warm environment for the same reasons you don’t wanna work with a full stomach. Turn the heating down, go outside for a walk, drink something cold, and see how your mind starts pumping out ideas.
  • Don’t sleep too much. This is really something I knew for quite some time now, but it doesn’t make it any less true. The 8-hour sleep cycle is a myth, there isn’t a single study proving that healthy, adult humans need 8 hours of sleep everyday. From my personal experience, anything above 6 hours of sleep hurts my productivity. 5-6 hours a day makes me sharp and energetic, and if I run low on fuel I just take a short nap.


Spend Every Day Planning Tomorrow


Again, this isn’t a new concept to me, but it’s extremely, extremely important if you wanna be successful in whatever it is you’re doing.


You gotta spend some time everyday building your tomorrow.


Even if you’ve got a big project on your hands. Even if your head is entirely somewhere else. Take an hour or two and start looking for that next client or that next sale that’ll put food on the table tomorrow.


When I was just starting out, I made this mistake a lot. Too many times, to be honest. I used to go into a sales process, and forget anything else in the world. I was so involved in the sale that I didn’t think about who I’m going to be selling after the current sale is done. There was no process, no flow.


The problem with this approach is that it is very hard to stockpile capital when there’s no constant stream of incoming clients. Your current projects are important, but what’s next? What if they fail? Thinking about tomorrow’s sales not only provides security, it also gives you clarity and motivation to work today.


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