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Steve Lowisz, CEO of Qualigence Group: “Only 11% of people get fired because of their skills”

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Meet Steve Lowisz, a rockstar HR specialist and CEO of Qualigence Group, a consortium of companies that ensure world’s top companies get and keep the best talent out there. Steve offers an analytical system that can each and every company absolutely must use in order to make sure they’re hiring the right people. Tune in and learn how Steve does it!


How Do You Hire the Right Person?


Countless times I’ve hired the wrong people. You know – the ones who talk a great game, create an outstanding first, and a week after they turn out to be a completely different person.


According to Steve, the story goes both ways. Yes, potential employees will often put more on their resume than they actually represent. Yes, they will try to overstate their achievements during the job interview to impress you. But it’s not the only part of the equation.


“Well, what about our side as the employer? Do we even know what we’re looking for? And usually, the answer is ‘yes I do’, but when you really dig into it, it’s ‘oh no, I really don’t,’” says the HR specialist, “And then, how to determine if the candidate actually has what you’re looking for?”


Also, Steve notes, it’s important to know what the candidate wants out of their career and whether or not your company is in line with those expectations:


Why Do We Fire People?


According to the HR guru, only 11% of people get fired because of their skills. It’s the programmers who can’t code. Marketing people who don’t know how to sell.


The vast majority of people get fired for reasons that aren’t directly related to the tasks they’re given. For example, character. If the person’s resume shows that they’ve been jumping around workplaces in the past, why is that? Chances are certain character flaws or mindset problems prevented them from being successful in those companies.


Another reason is the lack of general workplace competency. It’s easy to test people for skills during the job interview, but are they’re going to be a team player once they’re in? How are their social skills? Companies often fail to emphasize these points during the job interview.


The last, but certainly not least, reason why people get fired is their inability to fit into the company culture. However, it’s not usually the employee’s fault.


“I love it when clients will say ‘well I need someone who’s gonna be a good cultural fit’, and I say, ‘describe to me your culture’. And I start getting all of this ambiguity around: ‘well, it’s a fun place because we have beer kegs in the office,’” Steve shared, “It doesn’t tell me a lot about you except that yeah, maybe you like to party a lot and maybe the person coming in needs to like the party.”


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