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Working from Home. Is It Worth It?

So over the recent years the “Office vs. House” debate has somewhat shifted towards the “Office vs. Thai Beach” discussion. That being said, working from home is still a dream for many people who spend a lot of time in the office.


I completely understand it. Going back to an unpleasant social environment everyday and having no control over your work schedule can be extremely depressing after a while. However, I don’t think that has anything to do with where you actually do the work.


See, what most of you really want is control over your life, and that has very little to do with where you work from. You can be completely happy coming to an office every day, and you can be just as miserable working from home.


In fact, I’ve tried working from home, and let me tell you one thing – it fucking sucks! Sure, you get to eat homemade pancakes while reading your morning news and you don’t have to actually wear clothes to work, but after a couple of days you realize how much you’re missing out on. And, the worst part is, you can’t even get yourself to work while you’re at home.


So what is it that lures people into the idea of working from home?


I think that nobody actually wants to have to go through the torture of having to force themselves to work from home every day. I think what you really want is financial freedom and flexible work requirements, and that none of that requires you to work specifically from home or an office.


Therefore, the next time you dream of the ‘ideal’ work-from-home life, think about what you really want and how you can get there.


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