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Tim Sanders, the Author of “Love Is a Killer App”: “Never Sleep on a Plane”

Meet Tim Sanders, a former Chief Solutions Officer for Yahoo who’s written four bestselling books and has worked directly with Mark Cuban. Throughout his career, Tim has picked up a few pieces of invaluable advice on how to approach your goals and what separates successful professionals from the competition. Tune into our today’s release and hear what Tim has to say!


Key to Success? Never Sleep on a Plane!


During my time in business, I found that entrepreneurs striving to reach their goals often make one huge mistake: they believe that if they simply work more, they’ll reach the heights they’ve been looking for.


While that’s partially true, it is extremely important by what goes into the term ‘work’. When Tim Sanders landed a job as an inside sales representative at one of Mark Cuban’s start-ups, AudioNet (known today as, he learned that it wasn’t just hard work that dominated the company’s culture – it was learning.


“One thing that he (Mark Cuban) does, and that a couple of his people do […], is they read all the time,” Tim told us, “Whenever they could, they would read something that would make them smarter about something that touches the business.”


Naturally, I asked Tim, whether this was something that he required of his employees?


“No,” Tim said, “It was something he modelled. When I met him in July of ‘97, I’d bet you he’d already read 50 books cover-to-cover that year. Not just on computers or the internet, but everything that touched it – from branding to how financial markets work to the future of entertainment to the history of sports.”


“Everybody wants to win, but only a few people are willing to do the hard work”


One of the key lessons Tim Sanders took away from his time with Mark Cuban was a piece of his personal philosophy, instilled by his own mentor, a former football coach at the Indiana University.


He used to say that just wanting to win isn’t special and won’t help you stand out – but discipline and hard work will, simply because there are so few people willing to go the distance:


“So Cuban was about research, ongoing learning. That’s when I caught the bug – ‘never sleep on a plane – that’s stealing money from your company.’ I’ve learned after traveling – wait for it – 10,000,000 miles that it’s really bad for your neck and your back to sleep on planes. So the only time when I sleep on a plane is when I’m flying to Dubai or London. But when I’m flying from New York to Las Vegas, dude, I read a book on that flight, cover-to-cover.”


If you wanna learn the rest of Tim’s story and the lessons he picked up during his journey, tune into our podcast at the top of the page!


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