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Robert ‘Bobby’ Klinck: How to Turn Your Law Expertise into a Business

Meet Bobby Klinck, a guy who used to be your traditional ‘stuffy’ lawyer at the big firms and decided to change the game by rebranding his services through a solopreneur type of venture. Today, Bobby is the head of Klinck LLC, an intellectual property law venture that helps small/medium sized businesses out. Tune into our today’s podcast and learn how to rebrand your services in a way that sells!


From Lawyer to Businessman


When you think of it, most lawyers aren’t really helping you much with the business – because they aren’t businessmen themselves. From my experience – and I’ve worked with tons of lawyers – they’re just people who’ll hand you a bunch of paperwork and charge you $400 per hour while doing so.


Bobby Klinck, though, took a different approach.


The soon-to-be entrepreneur used to be very much a ‘traditional’ lawyer who went to a prestige law school and begun his career at a white shoe law firm – where, according to Bobby himself, everybody thought that ‘marketing is bad.’


“From the very beginning I kind of chaved a little bit – it kind of didn’t feel right,” Bobby told me, “I’m a son of an entrepreneur, I was on a punk rock band in college – you know, I’m not your stuffy lawyer, but I’m trying to play that role.”


Bobby also recognized that the companies he’d work for would charge so much that they would be far out of small/medium sized businesses’ reach:


“I went to another, smaller firm, but it was still the type of firm that did these ridiculously expensive cases where – hey, if you’re not a company that could afford to pay a million bucks to lawyers, you had no chance of hiring [them].”


The New Type of Law Councelling


it wasn’t long before Bobby realised that there’s a far more effective way of delivering law counselling to people, and more beneficial for both sides of the equation, too.


Soon after leaving his job at the previous firm, Bobby joined a small, modest team of lawyers who were consistently ‘hitting above their weight class’ in terms of what cases they took. As it happens, they had a case related to intellectual property, which is where Bobby’s expertise lies.


“So they said, why don’t you handle this,” Bobby said, “And I said, OK. And that was what started me down the path of being an Intellectual property lawyer. But in that process, I kept seeing a repeating pattern. I kept seeing situations where clients would screw something up royally in the beginning. To the point where they’d screw up any chance of getting a lawyer.”


And that’s where Bobby’s expertise came in – he was there to help the businesses that would have no options left.


To hear the rest of Bobby Klinck’s story and insights, tune into our podcast at the top of the page!


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