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Interview with Romacio Fulcher, the #16 Highest Earner in the Global Network Marketing Industry

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Meet Romacio Fulcher, the #16 highest earner in the global network marketing industry and a self-made entrepreneur who’d been a multimillionaire by the age of 25. Despite his achievements, Romacio is extremely humble about his success, and credits most of what he’s achieved today to his teachers and mentors. Tune into our today’s podcast and learn how to earn your first million in a matter of months!


Mentorship is the Key to Success


Growing up under strict parenthood, Romacio never really believed in fairytales. That’s why when he finally spread his wings and began his journey to make his parents proud, he took the fastest, most practical approach to business.


“It’s really simple. You find a mentor – someone that’s successful at what they’re doing,” Romacio said, “It’s kind of funny. We’ve all said before ‘I wish I would’ve known then what it is that I know now.’ Well, the difference between then and now is one word – Wisdom.”


Alright, but where does wisdom come from? According to Romacio, there are two ways you can genuinely get better: through your own mistakes or by learning from mistakes made by others.


“And so the fast track up the mountain is always to learn from someone who is an expert in their particular field,” the entrepreneur continued, “Many people ask ‘but how do I find a mentor?’ It’s really simple – it’s called Google. All you do is log online and all you do is just Google top 10-20 people in their particular profession.”


However, just finding the people who can help you is not enough. You’ll also need to convince them why should they help you at all:


“So here’s what you do. Get them on a phone and ask one question: ‘What would I have to do to make it worth your while to teach me what it is you know?’ […] Always remember – the mentor is not obligated to you. You have to pursue them, it’s not the other way around.”


Network Marketing Isn’t All a Scam


As it happened, Romacio’s first mentor was in the mortgage and real estate business. At the time, Romacio was hired as an assistant and was paid on a commission basis.


“My first mentor was white,” Romacio shared, “And I tell this to people for this reason – the very thing you’re looking for might not look like you, sound like you, and it damn sure don’t think like you. So don’t be afraid of the difference – embrace it.”


Having learned diligently from his mentor, the entrepreneur became a multimillionaire by the age of 25.


“It was pretty cool, man. As they say, ‘I started at the bottom, now we here’,” Romacio shared, “It was cool. And then, about 10 years ago, a wealthy friend of mine called me and he’s the guy who introduced me to someone in network marketing”


However, just like most people, Romacio was extremely sceptical of the whole industry:


“When he first called me, I was very negative, I laughed at him, I said ‘hell no’, […] because that’s a scam – those things are illegal. He said ‘shut up, you sound stupid.’ He said ‘by the way, when you finally make more money than me, you can laugh at the invitation I give you. Until then, shut up and go over to my house. You might learn something.’”


And he sure did. Over the next few months, Romacio had made over a million dollars through network marketing, and today actively seeks to expand his community and help others do the same.


If you’d like to hear exactly how Romacio did it and how you can do it too, tune into our podcast at the top of the page!


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