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What Kept Me Motivated Even During The Most Difficult Times

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Many people think of motivation in a glorified way.


They think that motivation comes from inner dedication, sense of purpose, or discipline. And for some people, it does. Hey – if that’s working for you, who am I to argue.


But what if it’s not working for you?


What if you’ve tried all the ‘traditional’ ways to motivate yourself, and it simply wasn’t enough to get you going?


Turns out there’s a much more reliable way to create motivation. It’s called fear of shame.


What you do is you leverage your fear of failing others – of being called a loser – into putting your lazy ass to work.


Leaders have been using it for centuries. Let’s look at how works:


Step 1: Burn the Ships


There were a number of famous incidents in history where military commanders have ordered to burn their ships upon reaching hostile land, so that their soldiers would have no other way out but to conquer the territory.


Tariq ibd Ziyad – a muslim general – did it in 711 AD when conquering the Iberian Peninsula.


Hernán Cortés – a Spanish military commander – did it in 1519 AD when conquering what is now known as Mexico.


There’s even Roman myth of Aeneas, who burned his boats to conquer Italy.


The reason why this strategy is so prominent is because it works.


But how does it look in today’s world?


Well, based on your current situation and what you want to achieve, ‘burning the bridges’ could take a number of different meanings.


One of the most common ways to manifest this powerful motivator is to publicly declare your goals and intentions.


The more extravagant you can do this, the better.


You want everyone around you know what you set out to achieve, so that your only way to ‘survive’ in your social circles is to actually achieve what you said you would.


Think of all your friends and mentors who laughed about when you told them what your goals are. Think of all the ex-wives and ex-girlfriends. Tell them all about your goals, and always keep in the back of your head – if you don’t reach those goals, they’ll have the last laugh.


Step 2: Claw Your Way Out


Once you burn the boats, once your back is truly against the wall, there’s only one way for you to survive – and that’s to fight your way to victory.


I want you to put yourself in a state of mind where failure is not an option – the cost is simply too big.


When you’re in that state, you don’t need motivation. You need victory as much as you need the next breath of fresh air.


At least that’s how I did it. And that’s how I do it every single day.


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