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10 Guerilla Marketing Tactics That Actually Work

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I always love to see successful guerilla marketing cases. They prove something that I’ve believed my entire life: if you keep hustling in a smart way, no barrier can stop you from success – not even lack of money.


For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, guerilla marketing is a term for alternative marketing that uses creativity to make up for low budget.


You know, because not all marketing channels and tactics can work for a startup or a small business. If you want to make sales through a phone, you need a list of leads. If you want to advertise digitally, you need to pay for clicks or views.


Guerilla marketing, however, takes a creative approach towards spreading the message and generating sales.


Let’s take a look at a few examples.


Physical Guerilla Marketing Tactics


1. Flash Mob


There’s something wildly entertaining and curious about a large, coordinated group of people. Especially when it happens in a crowded place, like a central square in your city.


Get at least 100 people participating in your flashmob (probably during a weekend), and not only you’ll sprout a series of organic social media photos and videos with your brand, you might even get on the local news radar.

2. Host an Event


I’ve always found events a great way to generate inbound business. During social events, you get to establish a personal connection, and your leads start considering you as a friend, not as someone who’s trying to pitch them something. However, it can be difficult to get results out of events.


What if the event was organized by your company? That way, people are guaranteed to talk about you and your brand.


3. Graffiti


Getting the permission to paint graffiti on someone’s property can be difficult (especially in a visible spot), but if done right, it can be one of the best marketing investments you can make.


Painting graffiti to advertise your business much like buying a billboard ad, only times cheaper, and, possibly, more effective. Why? Because:


  1. You can adapt your graffiti to the urban terrain for more interesting ads
  2. Not many companies use graffiti, making yours stand out


4. Project a Video onto a Building


Yep, you read that right. Get a powerful projector, wait for the sun to go down, and – boom! Your branded video is taking up half of that building’s wall.


What kind of video you project is entirely up to you. Since this probably won’t be a continuous strategy, make sure your video is provocative and memorable. You don’t want to be simply showing your logo here. Make each second count.


Just don’t forget to get the necessary permits first (if needed.)


5. Get Creative with Your Ads


If you’re currently paying for advertising space on a magazine or somewhere else, look for interesting interactions your ad could have with the ‘terrain’ it’s placed on.


If you have a full page of ad space in a mag, look for opportunities to “play around” with the boundaries of the medium your ad is on. These types of ads usually get a lot more attention than standard ads that are often boring.


Digital Guerilla Marketing Tactics


6. Share-worthy Videos


If you think that virality is accidental, think again. Jonah Berger in his bestseller Contagious explains what factors are needed to make an idea spread virally, and explains how you can do the same for your business with a bit of brainstorming.


The videos you publish need not be strongly associated with your product or your brand – the primary goal here is to make them viral. Check out Blendtec’s famous video campaign for inspiration.


7. Infographics


For those who don’t want to take risks creating viral videos, infographics could present interesting opportunities.


People generally love infographics, since they present valuable information in a concise, easy-to-digest manner. If you hit the spot with what your target audience truly cares about, they’re guaranteed to share the infographic with their friends.


8. Social Media Giveaways


This isn’t exactly a free marketing tactic, but if you have some stock left in your warehouse, setup a free giveaway contest to engage with your followers.


Think of what your prospects really want most. There’s nothing like a well thought-through prize contest that will create a buzz among your target audience!


9. Guest Posts


If you’re okay with taking things slower, it might be a good idea to start developing relationships with influencers and media sites related to your business.


If you’re selling a product, create a story with an interesting angle that could spark interest among the readers of the platform you’re going to be publishing on. If you’re providing a service, nothing works better than simply sharing your expertise and proving you’re an authority in your field.


10. Social Media Discussions


At any given time, there are tons and tons of conversations happening related to your product or service on social media sites like Facebook.


First of all, you need to identify where those conversations are happening. Check relevant groups and fan pages. If there are closed groups with a considerable number of members – that’s where you want to get in.

Then, start participating in the discussion. Don’t be overly promotional! Internet users smell salesmanship from miles away. Instead, be helpful, provide valuable insight, and only mention your business solution when it makes sense.


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