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Kyle Hayungs, Founder and CEO of Merchant’s Resource Group: From Wasted College Degree to $20k a Month in Residual Income

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Meet Kyle Hayungs, a guy who wasted years getting a degree he never used, yet found a way to recuperate and quickly start making $20,000 in residual income bringing in new clients for a credit card processing company. Kyle didn’t stick to his initial plan when it didn’t work – instead, he adapted, and won. Tune into our this week’s podcast to hear how he did it!


At the beginning of his career, Kyle always knew he wanted to end up on the business side of the healthcare industry. He had such a clear vision that he even went and got a Bachelor’s degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.


However, by the time he got out of college, Obama got into Office, and medicare reimbursement rates dropped by 40-60%, making Kyle’s projected business model completely useless, along with his degree.


Then, one day, Kyle’s parents suggested he’d go connect with a local credit card processing business owner. They told him that “every time he comes to the driving range, he’s wearing a different rolex, […] a different car.” Kyle was sold – he wanted to meet the guy.


After he did, they discussed sales opportunities within the firm, and came to an agreement that Kyle would make 50% commission of each dollar he brings into the credit card processing firm.


“Two years later, I made him (the owner) a million dollars. I made a million dollars,” Kyle told us” I signed up a ton of accounts. I was going after cities – not your little ‘mom and pop’ businesses.”


If you’d like to learn how exactly Kyle succeeded in such a short period of time, and how he built one of the most successful businesses in retail and hospitality payment processing, tune into our podcast at the top of the page! Don’t forget to share it with other hustlers!



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