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Stop Being a Slacker! That Lambo Ain’t Gonna Buy Itself

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Kickass weekend. Lazy recovery Monday. Slow mid-week. Plans for Friday. Another crazy weekend…


If that sounds like the past few weeks of your life, it might be a clear signal you need a strict reality check regarding your productivity.


But wait…


You might be thinking: it’s just past mid-summer. All of my friends are roasting their bellies at the beach and soaking up the wilderness of Ibiza nightlife.


In this case, I only have one question for you: do you feel satisfied with where you are in your life? Financially, socially, and physically?


If the answer is ‘yes’, you can stop reading this article and this blog altogether right now. Beta2boss is meant for hustlers who don’t settle for ‘OK’. It’s not meant for wimps who want a better life but won’t move a finger to get there.


Still here? Good.


Here are three things I want you to do:


1. Get Your Body Back on Track


There’s a reason why people like Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg credit exercise as one of the core factors for their success.


In fact, one study has found that the ability to perform athletic tasks is the most accurate predictor of one’s mental processing speed, with fit people being able to process ideas and tasks up to 25% quicker than the ones who’re not.


Get some fiber-rich foods into your body. Re-hydrate. Take a break from savage eating. Give your muscles a good intensive workout.


2. Set Tasks for 4 Days Ahead


The concept of ‘dreaming big’ applies to a lot of things. Project management is not one of them. If you fail to meet your project milestones, everything falls apart, and it’s even worse than if you didn’t have a system at all.


From experience, I found that setting tasks for the entire week after a noisy break can be unreliable. On the third day, you’ll lose motivation, and by Day 7, you’ll have forgotten you had a plan in the first place.


Set tasks for 4 days up front. Make them achievable. Most importantly, do anything you need to to complete those tasks. Don’t let your inner Garfield take over. Do what you’ve set to do, even if you don’t feel like it.


3. Remind Yourself what You Really Want


One of the ways I motivate myself is by reminding myself that I’m not there yet. I have set goals for myself, and I know with my whole heart that reaching those goals is what will make me happy.


Nothing else matters. How you feel today doesn’t matter. Tired? Exhausted? Bored? Stressed? Afraid?


Guess what – none of this will matter once you walk into your garage, and fire up your brand new Lambo.


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