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Garrain Jones: an Inspirational Story of an Unlikely Transformation

Meet Garrain Jones, a motivational speaker and coach who turned his life around 180 degrees. Garrain grew up in an environment where lack of money was considered a norm, with no strong mentorship or opportunities. It was only in his early thirties that he heard a piece of advice from a homeless man at the gas station that his life started gaining momentum rapidly.


“Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life”


Usually, there are two types of people in the world: the ones that dish out advice (often, good advice), and the ones that act on it. In rare exceptions to the rule, a person is able to both give great guidance and walk the talk themselves. Such is the case with Garrain Jones, a motivational coach who’d been through the life’s hardships and made it out, only to help others do the same.


Garrain was born into a loving, but fortuneless family. His early life was defined by lack of money, which strongly shaped his mentality and world views. In his twenties, he simply couldn’t understand how someone with ‘less talent’ than him would be rocking the billboards, while Garrain was sleeping on cockaroach-infested matresses in LA.


At his lowest moment, Garrain surrender, asking the higher forces to help him and guide the way. All he wanted was a meaningful, successful life surrounded by positive people.


It was a week later that the soon-to-be successful entrepreneur would find himself at the gas station, with the last 2 dollars in his pocket. A homeless man asked him for money. “You probably have more money than I do,” Garrain said, without lying. “Change your life, change your mindset” was the homeless man’s answer.


And, boy, did his advice do wonders.


From a Lazy, Broke 30-something to a Successful Entrepreneur


The advice proved to be as universal in most situations of life as it was effective. It’s only natural: when nothing is going right for you, you’re unlikely to make it worse by changing your approach to absolutely everything you do.


For example, if previously Garrain would laugh off everyone who suggested reading a certain book, after the epiphany, a little voice would whisper in his ear, “change your mindset, change your life.” Basically, a tweaked version of the “Yes Man” philosophy.


As could be expected, the new outlook helped Garrain dig out of the hole he found himself in. Besides reading books, he started attending parties, growing his motivational business, and documenting it all on social media. He was simply doing what he loved, and people felt massively attracted to that. The money only came afterwards.


To hear the rest of Garrain’s story, click on that play button at the top of the page!



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