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4 Tips from a Guy Who Built a Multimillion Dollar Side Hustle

Just three years ago, Raj Jana was an engineering student with no clear prospects in his life. He was in debt, his parents needed his support, and it all seemed just a sprinkle too confusing to be solved.


Raj says ‘he wasn’t born an entrepreneur’, and yet, 11 months later, he was generating over $250 thousand monthly from his side hustle selling products online.


What happened in the interim? Did he sail through the deepest oceans and encountered the magic goldfish that turned his dreams into reality? No! Raj simply followed four well-known, and yet so easily forgotten rules of success. Here they are.


  1. Focus


So many times in our podcast the wonderful entrepreneurs we interview emphasize the importance of focus. In fact, many of them even use the word ‘obsession’ to describe their level of dedication.


It’s completely true, and I can personally back this point 100%. In the world as noisy as today, it is so easy to get distracted.


I’m not just talking about the buzzing phones and the Facebook notifications. I’m talking about the more general level of distraction, that’s called free market. Free market gives you so much opportunity that you can get very easily swayed into some different, “better” niche that will somehow make you rich…


In reality, and this is heavily backed by Raj’s story, focus is the number one skill to have these days. Exactly: it is a skill, which can be learned. Focus very much comes from how you setup your workday. Raj’s advice: plan the day before, be ruthlessly consistent with your routine, and never let perfectionism become another form of procrastination.


  1. Consistency


This is very much similar to focus, but is so important that it deserves a separate point. Your work consistency will literally make or break your business. Doing something for 30 minutes every day is much better than cramping all of your tasks on a Saturday.


As a side hustle, Raj built his multimillion dollar online company working after work, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. He called it his ‘second workday’, and he stuck to it religiously.


  1. Brainwashing your mind


Now, there’s good types of brainwashing and bad types of brainwashing. Bad types of brainwashing is when you start believing that a Lambo will make you happy. Good types of brainwashing empowers you into acting, like when you believe that you can achieve anything you want.


Nobody knows whether you’ll achieve what you want to or not. It’s all a probability, a chance. However, people who believe that they can’t, or don’t deserve success, always find a way to internally ‘sabotage’ their journey. Most successful people have envisioned and genuinely believed they were champions long before their first major win.


  1. Never stop learning


As I say a lot, ego is one of the most effective things at ruining success. In business, ego usually shows when an entrepreneur is faced with an opportunity to learn from others, but will not do so because of their feeling of self-worth.


Any kind of learning is a silent ‘hit’ to your ego, as you have to acknowledge that you don’t know it all. And yet, most of the answers to questions you’re struggling with right now are out there, lying in dusted books and more experienced people on the other side of the phone. All you have to do is to open that book, and to pick up that phone.


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