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Boss’s Health: Setting up a Home Gym – Is It Really Worth It?

Rambo at the local gym made you wait for the dumbbells AGAIN, didn’t he? Now you are fed up, you still can’t understand how it’s possible for some people to use an entire dumbbell set for an hour and a half, and you want to set up your own gym at home.


The idea of a home gym is awesome but you need to question yourself (and answer honestly!) whether you’ll actually use it. People often build a home gym without much planning, only to have it become a white elephant soon after. If you’ve never been in a gym before, it may be a good alternative to get a short term membership at a local gym – just to get fit, get into the habit and set a routine. You can also make use of free promotional offers for this.


If you have been exercising for a while, a home gym can be just about as close to heaven on earth as possible. The convenience, privacy, and personalization of a home gym can inspire you to put that extra bit of effort into your workouts


Home gyms offer a multitude of advantages, here are a few that may tip the scale:


Advantages of building a home gym


Personalizing your workout space makes it that bit easier to achieve your goals. Buying a compact home gym that works for you is the first step of happy workouts. The colors, mood and motivational material that you use will influence your performance and choosing what you like, will inspire you to put in that extra effort.


Time is precious for all of us and not having to travel to the commercial gym will save you a lot.  The added advantage is that if you only have 10 minutes, you can still get a quick workout, any time of the day and night. Saving on traveling time adds up to the equation.


Convenience is possibly the greatest advantage offered by home gyms. It’s quick, no need to pack your gym bag, no need to wait for equipment and you’ll be able to use your own shower. Bonus. Also, Rambo can use the entire dumbbell set for two whole days, if he like – it won’t bother you a bit. No more dirty and sweaty equipment. You won’t have to suck in your stomach and you can exercise in your underwear if you like.


Home gym cost vs membership fees


Building a home gym can cost a few bucks – is it really worth it to spend all that money?


We did a bit of research: How much does a home gym cost? The average that people spend on equipping a home gym is about $800. This amount is usually spent over a period of time. There are many ways of finding cheap home gym equipment, if you want to you can build your gym for a fraction of that. Let’s just use the number as an estimate.


According to Statistic Brain, a website specializing in stats, the average gym fee in the US is $58 per month. Fees add up to $696 annually. Using just the money you would spend on membership will pay for your home gym in 14 months. If you add up the membership fees of 5 years, you would have $3480 – that would build a pretty awesome home gym.


Something that can have a dramatic impact on calculating the financial feasibility of a home gym is considering who will use it. If you are going to be the only person using your gym, above calculations goes. What about the rest of your family? If your spouse and children will benefit from a home gym as well, your savings immediately grow. Family memberships cost more than individual membership fees and unless all of you can drive together, each person using a commercial gym, add to the total travel cost. Not to mention the coolest new gear that your teenager needs every second week.


Financially, building a home gym makes sense. Though the initial layout is costly, the saving over time is substantial. In the above calculation, other expenditures such as travel cost are not taken into account at all. Building a home gym is a once of expense – once you have what you need, it requires very little maintenance. If you do want to update your equipment, you can sell the old ones.


Disadvantages of using a home gym


The advantages greatly outnumber the disadvantages of exercising at home, but there are a few downsides that should be considered.


Maybe the biggest disadvantage of exercising alone is not having a spotter. Not having someone around that can save you from being pinned under a heavy bench bar can be uncomfortable at times. However, you’ll soon get used to being on your own.  


Some people also prefer the social interactions of a commercial gym. Most people who love the buzz of the local gym would not consider setting up a home gym. However if you consider a home gym for other reasons and will miss the chatter, how about convincing a friend to join you at home?


Adding it up


The advantages of a home gym greatly outnumber the disadvantages. Those cons that bothers you can easily be overcome with a little bit of creative thinking. Overall, setting up a gym at home will be convenient, and save you a good amount of time and money.


The only real factor to consider before even starting is whether you are dedicated enough to actually use your gym. If you’re not, better just leave it at a nice thought. If you are motivated enough to exercise regularly, you’ll be in gym heaven.


Let Rambo use the dumbbells at the local gym forever. Use your own and be happy.



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