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3 Signs You’re a CEO… Even If You’re Not

Many of the world’s most successful people have long known they’re destined to do great things, long before they actually got there.


I think it has a lot to do with your so-called ‘true level’… If you’re a rockstar, the world will eventually notice and put you in that place—as long as you’re doing everything you can to put yourself out there.


How do you know, though? We all dream of success, but how can you know for sure..?


You can’t. Nobody can tell you whether you’re going to 100% be able to fulfill your goals in this lifetime.


There are, however, a few very strong indications that you’re on the right path.


1. You never stop learning


I actually can’t think of a single successful person who hasn’t mentioned learning as one of the key factors of their success.


Bill Gates, for example, has dedicated his personal blog to sharing about the books he’s read with the world. He’s publically announced that he has a goal of reading 50 books a year—that’s just short of one book per week.


However, learning is not the same as watching deep-sea documentaries on Youtube throughout the day.


Successful people, Gates included, don’t just read anything that they come across. There’s just too much stuff to learn about out there.


Instead, they filter out the things that actually can be useful to them. Mostly, their reading lists are made out of biographies, self-help books and other non-fiction.


2. You’re laser focused


Many struggling entrepreneurs often complain about the lack of focus in their lives. There’s so little time, so much to do…


Successful people know how to filter out the ‘useless’ activities, and they do so ruthlessly. Race drivers, for example, often eliminate everything from their life (partying, gambling, traveling) except training and family before big races.


Focusing is important because it increases your effectiveness exponentially. Think of it this way: every second spent away from your current biggest project is a step back. So the first thing you want to do to get there faster is to stop taking those steps back.


3. You take care of your body and mind


Now, with great focus comes a lot of stress. Our bodies start breaking down, and our minds start to shut down. We get physically and mentally ill.


Successful people understand that increased work volumes require upgraded ‘maintenance’.


For humans, this means taking very good care of our needs. That’s why successful people stick to their daily routines with insane consistency, work out and eat well, and spend enough time with their family.


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