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Chris Cavallini, the Drug Dealer Who Built an 8-figure Nutrition Business

Meet Chris Cavallini, a guy who grew up in Boston under the supervision of a drug addict. While Chris did make some questionable choices in his youth, while serving with the Navy Deep Sea Divers, he learned discipline and hard work. Today, Chris is the founder of Nutrition Solutions, an 8-figure nutrition business. Tune into our this week’s podcast and learn how he did it.


When Life Gives You Lemons…


Life is unfair. That’s not a slogan—it’s a fact. Some people are born in wealthy, healthy families and get to go to top schools and mingle with other rich kids, safely paving their way into a provided future.


Others are not so lucky. They don’t have the privilege of getting top education. They live in neighborhoods where opportunity is rare and unless you have an unheard-of talent for a sport, you probably never get a chance to get out.


And then there are cases like Chris Cavallini. Growing up under the supervision of a drug-addict mother, Chris never looked to become a superstar—simply getting by in Boston was his primary goal. Without proper guidance, Chris did what he thought he needed to do to survive—which wasn’t always legal. As a result, he was arrested 17 times by the age of nineteen, visiting courtroom more often than the classroom.


The breaking point came when the Chris’s school gave him an ultimatum: either you get your shit straight, or you go serve in the military. Without much confidence in his choices, the future millionaire enrolled to become a Navy Deep Sea Diver.


With the Divers, Chris learned a few crucial life lessons, like discipline, and trust—concepts that were never introduced to him as a child.


However, after his term has ended, the freedom of choice started overwhelming him again. He worked at a strip club for a while, but he hated the job so much he left and started dealing drugs instead. “I spend the majority of my 20s as a drug dealer,” Chris told me.


“I wasn’t selling meth to elementary school kids,” the entrepreneur quickly explained. “But I was selling anabolic steroids. Different things, still unethical.”


While Chris himself never got caught for dealing, his friends were going down one after another. “That sort of opened my eyes,” Chris said. He knew that something needed to change for good.


Those Around You Become Your Biggest Bottleneck


When Chris had just started out with his nutrition business, it was just him and a group of 10 friends. The company was doing roughly $500 per week, which was the most money Chris Cavallini had ever made, legitimately.


However, as more and more people started using Chris’s services and products, the more resistance he started receiving from those closest to him.


“One would think that when you’re doing things to become a better human being—to grow, to evolve, to do more with your life—you would think that the people closest to you would support that, they would encourage you,” Chris opened up. “Basically, what happens is the opposite, right? When your friends and family see you getting better, see you growing, they feel bad about it, because it reminds them that they’re not.”


The only way to go about this, and I completely agree with this, is sticking to your discipline and your goals, and hope that you’ll reconnect with people you’ve lost touch with further down the road, when you’re at the place you want to be.


To hear the rest of Chris’s story, tune into our podcast at the top of the page!


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