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Get Ahead of the Game in 2019 with These Tech Trends

2019 is almost here, and big goals are about to become your reality. To accelerate your success and supercharge your business effectiveness, technology is core.


The beauty of technology these days is that it’s so powerful. A single data application with superior insight or a cloud-based solution that can protect your business from malicious cyber-attacks can be the single differentiating factor that puts your company ahead of the game.


With most of the products and services offered today being extremely similar in price, quality and features, additional factors such as customer service and security come into play.


Here are some of the next year’s top tech trends for small businesses:


1. Data and Analytics Software


For years now, big data solutions have required significant investment. They would quote big up-front prices and merciless monthly subscription fees.


In 2019, the arsenal of data and analytics software will become so powerful and affordable that the company which uses these tools most efficiently will eventually come out on top.


The data you can gather today starts with the very beginning of the customer journey—how many people turn into customers after seeing your ads, how many people get till the end of your blog post, etc. — and go all the way up to your internal analytics — like how much time do your employees actually work.


2. Self-serve Cloud Services


Previously, cloud technology was at times confusing to use, and offered inflexible pricing plans. In 2019, however, cloud technologies are rapidly becoming easier to use and follow a “build it yourself” self-serve approach.


The main advantage of using cloud-based services has to do with the pricing. Instead of hosting all of your company’s data on your private company network (that you have to build yourself), you can simply “outsource” your hosting to a cloud-based service for an affordable subscription fee.


Security also comes into play. While small-medium sized businesses seldom can afford building sophisticated defense systems, cloud-service companies can provide a decent level of security for a monthly fee.


3. Digitalization All The Way


The buzzword for the past 10 years, digitalization is nowhere near slowing down. In fact, most businesses are slowly catching up to the fact that digitalization is an inevitable ‘do-or-die’ criterion.


There’s simply too big of an edge that even partial digitalization can bring to your competitor. Everything from internal and external communication to sales to management can be made times more cost-and-time-effective using digital technology. Digitalization allows you to gather data, and know what’s happening within your company at all times—right there, on your main dashboard.


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