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How to Set New Year Resolutions that Actually Work for 2019

New year is coming, and if you’re a part of the Hustler tribe you have big goals for next year. Perhaps it’s the year when you’ll finally be able to afford that Lambo you’ve been dreaming of. Perhaps in 2019 you’ll finish automating your business and live completely free off of residual income.


If you do have big goals for next year, then it’s important that you approach the whole thing right.


Big goals are great, but then again, many people have big goals, and very few actually achieve them.


That’s because they make one of the following mistakes:


1. They want change, but they do not want to change.


Do you have any friends who dream big, but never actually do anything to make those dreams come true? Perhaps you are that friend?


This happens as a result of focusing on the uncontrollables.


Let’s get a couple things straight. Your goals are not under your control. “I’ll buy a Lambo” or “I’ll fully automate my business” is not actually something you can do right away—if you could, then you would have done it already.


When people focus only on their goals—the uncontrollables—they tend to get overwhelmed and discouraged a couple of weeks into the process. It just seems like they can’t do anything to reach their goals, it’s out of their reach.


What successful people do is they keep their goals in mind at all times, but focus on the controllables. “I’ll buy a Lambo” is an uncontrollable. “I’ll call 50 potential prospects for my business every day” is a controllable.


The goal is always achieved as as result of disciplined habits and actions.


So, for next year, don’t just write down your goals and hope to somehow achieve them. Instead, set clear actions that you’re fully in control of. That’s the only way to sustain in the long run (and, quite frankly, every business is in the long run.)


2. Incremental change works. Drastic change doesn’t (in 99% of cases)


If you’re a follower of this blog, then you probably often feel like a natural-born hunter, an instinctive predator. You’re ready to move mountains and hunt for days without sleep.


However, unfortunately, the real world often doesn’t reward heroic in-the-moment sacrifices. What it does reward is consistency.


To achieve a new habit, then, it might be tempting to drop everything you’re doing and swear to change your life tomorrow morning.


However, changes like that very rarely last for more than a week. Eventually, the vast majority of people drift back to square one.


The only way to build permanent habits is to implement gradual change to your current habits. For example, if you want to start calling 50 prospects a day, don’t just go all out spamming the phone book for hours a day. You’ll burn out quicker than you’ll land your first client.


Instead, call 1 potential client the next day. The following day, call 2 clients. Keep doing this for a week. After 7 days, the habit will be partially instilled, and you’ll be able to take on bigger changes. It’s crucially important to make your first week of the change as gradual and easy as possible.


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