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The Only 2 Tips on Linkedin Marketing You’ll Ever Need

Linkedin is probably the most misunderstood social media platform out there.


Nobody really knows what to do with it.


You can’t post funny cat pictures out there. But when you post a company update, nobody seems to give a crap anyway.


And yet, there are over 400 million registered users on the social network in more than 30 countries.


Some estimates say about 50 million of those users are company decision makers.


I don’t need to tell you it’s a gold mine for hustlers.


But how do you mine those leads on the network? What’s the secret sauce.


John Nemo, author of Linkedin Riches and one of the most successful Linkedin B2B coaches, gives three simple tips.


  1. Make your profile about the client’s needs, not you


Sadly, nobody really cares about you. Perhaps your mom does. But that’s it.


Therefore, nobody really cares where you went to college or how many certificates you have. As Dale Carnegie himself put it, people only care about themselves.


How do you write your profile, then?


Make it about their needs! Namely, make it clear that:


  • Your services result in a particular benefit
  • You work with only particular types of clients


Find a full list of how to write your Linkedin profile in John Nemo’s book.


  1. Stand out by providing value, for free


Many people have this weird notion that by giving out free advice, they give up their competitive advantage. They reveal their secret sauce to the competition.


Well, let me remind you that nobody cares about you.


Getting someone’s attention is your biggest problem, not protecting your production secrets.


And, if we’re being completely honest, if you can give away your entire competitive advantage in a single article or Linkedin post, you probably didn’t have much of an edge in the first place.


Write articles. Create and upload images. Set up an in-house shooting studio for $200 and upload videos. Provide value, repeat. Until something good happens.


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