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How to Handle Failure

We all know that entrepreneurs face failure and rejection every day.


We all know that best successful entrepreneurs know how to deal with rejection and failure.


Failure seems romantic and heroic….


Right until the moment we face it ourselves.


See, nobody tells you what failure feels like.


And if feels disgusting.


It feels like shame before the people whose opinion you value the most.


It feels like embarrassment before your family and friends.


It feels like pure, uncontrolled, bone-chilling fear of your insecure future.


Not everyone can feel that and keep going the next day.




And yet, handling failure is exactly what separates winners from losers.




Because business is not about ideas. It’s not about grand revelations.


Business, especially in the beginning, is about hard, ruthless grind. It’s about finding 99 ways to not build a lightbulb before finding that one method which works.


In order to do that, you have to become resilient to fear of failure.


Now, one thing for sure: it’s never going to go away completely. As good men say, “there is no bravery without fear.” Fear is as natural to us as sleep.


But what successful people do is they remodel the way they think about failure.


First and most importantly, you have to realize that failure is your everyday job as an entrepreneur.


You’re the hunter, the explorer. Finding paths that don’t lead anywhere is your job. Finding empty caves is your job. It’s what you signed up for.


But even then, you have to realise there’s no shame in failure.


Who would you respect more: a person who has tried and failed, or a person who has sat idle their entire life, scared to peek their head out?




Failure indicates that you were determined enough to give something significant a shot in the first place.


So don’t make a drama out of an unsuccessful deal. Learn from it. And know that everyone around you is too scared to even attempt what you tried to do.


You go, hunter.


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