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Why $80k With Your Own Business is More than $200k at a Job You Hate

Secure job position. Good social benefits. Good salary.


All those things are keeping tens of thousands of potential hustlers chained to a job they honestly hate.


Sure, it’s easy to talk the business talk when you’re twenty-something with no kids or back problems.


When you have responsibilities to your family, it’s a different story. Right?




If you sincerely don’t enjoy what you do for a living, it’s killing you from the inside, slowly.


It’s a proven fact.


As Walter Mischel, the author of The Marshmallow Test, explains, our bodies are not designed to deal with consistent, day-to-day, chronic stress.


Evolutionary, our stress responses were triggered when we’d be in an immediate danger. Danger that could harm us physically, like an encounter with a predator, or an unsuccessful fall from a cliff.


Our bodies have adapted, so whenever we felt stress, we would produce extra amounts of anti-inflammatory cells that would stop the infection from spreading.


(Un)fortunately, our world has changed quicker than our bodies could. And whenever we feel stress after having a fight with a spouse—or feeling denied and isolated at our job—we produce the very same anti-inflammatory responses in our bodies.


This is fine for a day or two. But when this goes on day after day, month after month, year after year, the very responses that are supposed to be protecting us are slowly making us sick.


We start getting headaches. Our bodies feel tired and weak. Our minds feel sloppy and distanced. We lose sleep. Our sex life suffers. We get ill.


Of course, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone can deal with the uncertainty, and for some, the entrepreneurial process would cause far more stress than a cozy office job.


But if you’re a hunter, you’re biologically designed to hunt. You need uncertainty as much as you need food. You need short bursts of high-stress intervals, not slow suffocation in the office.


If you don’t listen to your body, you’ll just end up sick, weak and lonely.


If you’re a hunter, go out there and hunt—for your wife and kids.


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