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What Angel Investors Look for In a Startup

As a self-made entrepreneur, I really don’t think angel investors—or investors of any kind—are necessary to reach your goals.


When I was just starting out I was grinding sales day and night, until I saw the right opportunities in the payment processing industry.


These opportunities weren’t just visions that I dreamed up in my bedroom—they were real needs that real companies were facing and losing money because nobody could take care of them.


Most importantly, I had the cash to back up my idea and turn it into a billion-dollar-processing-revenue company.


However, sometimes, for the right people and in the right circumstances, taking someone else’s money to accelerate your progress can make sense.


If you think that’s you, here are a few key things that investors will be looking for in your pitch:


  1. Team Integrity and Compatibility


A business is nothing but computers and buildings without the people. And investors, of all people, know that most teams fall apart just as quickly as they come together.


Most investors will prioritize teams that have been together for a long time, know each other well and, most importantly, complement each other’s weaknesses.


  1. Leadership and Management Ability


Most startups have a glorious vision, but they seldom actually know how to effectively lead people to work together.


Investors look for startups that are familiar with management practices that motivate team members into proactive attitudes and are able to build a genuine following of their ideas.


  1. Ambition


Believe it or not, reaching for the stars is a good sign for investors.


While you’ll need to be able to back your ideas up, no investor wants to put their money into someone who’s looking to just “increase monthly revenue” or “move to Bali.”


Most startups fail, which is why investors need for those few winners to really pay off.


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