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Unless Your Customers Become Your Salespeople, You’re Wasting Time

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With deep roots in sales, I do strongly believe that sales is the cornerstone of every business.


Nothing ever happens without sales.


New clients aren’t coming in. There’s no funds for expansion. There’s nothing, really.


And, as a matter of fact, most of new businesses struggle with sales. They might have a genius technology or product that the world would love to see, but they simply don’t know how to introduce that to the market. Which is why the world never sees what they’ve been working on.


So yes, if you’re at that point, sales is the number one thing you should be focusing on. Just pick up the phone book, and start dialing numbers. Research your prospects online, and start sending out those emails. That’s the number one thing.


However, once you start getting those sales, you realize that it’s not the alpha and omega of business.


In particular, if your clients aren’t satisfied with your product to a point where they go about telling their friends how much they enjoyed your stuff, you’ve failed as a business.


Why? There are a few major reasons:


  1. Customers will share bad experiences with 9-15 acquaintances on average, while satisfied buyers will only tell about their purchase to 3-4 close friends. Basically, unsatisfied customers will walk around, slowly killing your business.
  2. There are only so many sales you can do. Sure, you’ll probably never fully rely on your brand name and customer loyalty for incoming leads, but keeping your sales department as the only source of incoming business is not a sustainable solution.
  3. It’s just a missed opportunity. While spend all of that time on a customer without any continuation, when you could spend a little extra and turn them into a loyal ambassador of your business?

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