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One Simple Mentality Trick for Anyone Who Has Reasons Not to Grow



People have so many objections… about everything.


They will list you detailed reports on why they shouldn’t start a business… Why they shouldn’t open another store… Why they shouldn’t do anything.


I get it—you have reasons. We all have reasons. And they’re valid reasons.


What I’m pissed off about is that people allow those reasons to actually stop them from reaching their goals.


This guy didn’t make enough for a Lambo because he had to finish his Uni.


Another guy didn’t make any sales because he was afraid to start an Instagram account.


The third guy couldn’t set up a potentially life-changing meeting because his mom was sick.


You know what we call those reasons here at Beta2boss? Excuses!



Normally, I would tell you to suck it up. Winners find a way. Losers don’t.


But this time, I want to share a piece of mental advice with you.


I want you to know that your excuses aren’t unique. Your why I shouldn’t reasons are the same why I shouldn’t reasons as millions of people are experiencing around the world. Your excuses are something that all successful people have gone through at one point or another.


What does this mean to you? No, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay.


It means that there are definitely answers to your questions. There are solutions to your problems. There are ways to overcome your roadblocks.


All you have to do is stick it into your head: if you look long enough, you’ll find the answers.


Start googling. Start emailing people about the questions you have. You’d be surprised how easily you get the answers. And you’ll feel stupid for your previous self for not trying earlier.


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