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How to Really Sell Anything

Recently my Facebook and Instagram feeds have been bombarded with ads from so-called master sales people who will claim to have the ultimate formula to selling and closing.


Honestly, nowadays, it feels like everyone has got a course or an 11-step-formula of success.


Having spent years in sales, I just can’t help but smile at these courses.


I mean, they’re not entirely wrong.


You do need to know what to say, and you do need to look the part. You do need to know the words.


But the reality is: every single sales situation is entirely different, and the same script won’t work twice. It might, but it probably won’t.


If you don’t want to sound like a cheap broken record that everyone tries to turn down or avoid, here is a tip for you:


Focus on what the person needs.


Easier said than done, right? You’ve heard this countless times before.


Well, let me break it down for you.


If you have what the other guy needs, it won’t matter that much what you say or how you say it. As long as you don’t wear flip flops to a meeting and your breath is alright, you can close clients with surprising efficiency.


The single most important thing is you have to connect your product to what the other person really wants to achieve. The same product or service can be presented in a million different ways, and you need to find the ones that do connect.


And don’t say, “money.” Sure, ultimately all we want is money and sex.


The real question is how do we want it? When do we want it? Do we want it with a red ribbon or in a wooden box?


Go deep into the other person’s mind, and you’ll start seeing answers.





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