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Why Appearances Matter In Everything We Do, Including Business

You’d be surprised how many people I talk to who fall into one of the two camps:


  • Either they completely focus on the “essence”, trying to provide real value to their business partners and personal connections
  • Or they completely rely on the more “superficial” things such as clothes, manners, social circles and public image


And you know what? Neither one of them will amount to anything much.


Because the reality is this: you need to both provide real value and have good appearances to achieve success.




The reason is very simple.


If you don’t provide any real value, then you’ll have an impossible time trying to retain any of your customers (or friends.)


You know that friend of yours who was shooting funny jokes all night but after a couple of weekends you realised he’s full of shit?


Well, don’t be that guy. That’s the used-car-salesman type of guy. The one who will soothe his way into your checkbook with the Rolex and the game tickets only to sell you a half-dead car.


The other guy is the scientist. He sits in his basement trying to give birth to the next big idea that will change the world.


Hell, he might have a dozen of big ideas. He might be the next Einstein.


But you know what? Nobody will ever find out about those ideas. Because he’s awkward and he smells bad, and nobody wants to even sit down with him for lunch, let alone invite him to a house party.


Great people can do both value and appearances.


Once you really let that sink in, you’ll be on your way to the world’s deepest riches.


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