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Why Everyone Should Sell Vacuum Cleaners Door-to-door

“Learn sales, and you’ll never be hungry.”


If I had to choose one quote to live by, I would choose this one. And I have, many years ago.




Because sales is the absolute cornerstone of every business. You’ll never grow an empire with just the sales skills, but you’ll never have a meal if you can’t sell that first product.


Basically, if you don’t have the skills to bring business in through the door, you’ll never grow anywhere near the point where you’ll need to think about scalability.


I get especially frustrated when basement geniuses start posturing about their amazing technology that will save the world.


About how they’re the next Elon-Musk-meets-Bill-Gates.


About how they’re going to revolutionize industry X by disrupting a factor Y.




Get out of your basement, show your product to a few people who don’t smell like your grandma’s stew and listen to what they’ll have to say.


Chances are, this is going to be the most insightful conversation of your whole genius career.


If you’ve been developing a product or a service for months now, waiting for the market to be in the sweet spot before you sweep in, don’t.


Go out there, show your product to some people. If they like it, they’ll give you money for it, and you’ll be able to working on an actual product people want to use. Chances are, they won’t.


And that is where real business begins.


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