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Two Modes Every Successful Entrepreneur Has

Business is a fascinating thing, and building a business is one of the most exciting things one can do. It shows who you truly are.


One of the most exciting things about building a business is that it requires the leader to combine two of seemingly opposite qualities: hard work and creative, strategic thinking.


Usually, people who’re good at hard work are not good strategic thinkers, and vice versa.


Probably that’s why there are so few successful entrepreneurs.


Basically, from what I’ve seen—and I’ve met quite a few successful business leaders—entrepreneurs juggle hard work and high-level, strategic thinking in turns.


At times, they will be fully in the strategic mode.


It is very common among the most successful entrepreneurs to take time off work. Bill Gates, for example, is famous for his weekend-long retreats where he enjoys being fully offline and spends most of his time reading books and just… thinking.


Richard Branson has an entire island for that purpose.


During these retreats, business leaders tend to take a step back and look at their entire lives from a distant, critical view.


They look at any inefficiencies that their business is facing. They look for problems in their personal relationships. It’s a diagnostic process, which leads to creative, game changing ideas.


In fact, one of the most important traits all successful people have is the ability to question everything—even the most basic truths—regularly.


The other mode is the hustle mode.


When successful business leaders get back from their mental retreats, they jump right into the action, looking to implement their ideas and just bring some meat home.


In fact, successful leaders can be the hungriest, most diligent workers when they’re in the hustle mode. They will wake up earlier than their employees, work harder than their teams, and go to bed later.


It sounds kinda obvious, but, in reality, those two modes are very difficult to juggle. They almost require you to become an entirely different personality at a snap of the finger.


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