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Mentorship Is Overrated, In Most Cases

We live in an era of mentorship.


A guy who’s made a few sales asks you to buy his book. Some dude with a “secret sauce to success”, asking you to sign up for this course.


Nah, that’s not real mentorship.


Real mentorship is not about money. If someone wants you to pay $600 for a course, the only thing they’re probably qualified to mentor you on is how to make people buy courses for $600.


That is, in reality, a proven fact.


I’ve seen many “success cases” who graduate from these “mentorship programs” (not gonna mention the exact programs) who… Have become successful by following the footsteps of their mentors—a.k.a. selling their own mentorship programs.


That being said, real mentorship does exist. But it almost never comes in form of a book or a course.


Real mentorship happens when someone who has gone exactly the path you want to go decides to share their secrets with you. Perhaps they like you. Perhaps they feel like you’re a good investment.


Real mentors are rare to come by, because they don’t advertise as such. You’ll have to find them, and persuade them to help you, all on your own.


But even then, it’s easy to fall into what I call a mentorship trap.


It’s a condition where you’re so involved in the mentor-mentee relationship, you stop thinking for yourself. You start relying on your mentor to make your decisions for you.


That can do more harm than good, because ultimately it’s massive action that’s going to take you places, not advice. While knowing the pitfalls of the journey you’re about to take is undeniably helpful, it is the steps you take—not the thoughts you have—that will ultimately build success.


Don’t fall into the mentorship trap.


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