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How to Handle Personal Branding

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Personal image and reputation has always been one of the most important things in every society.


Why? Because it saves time.


If someone can vouch you’re good at something, then that person has saved you a ton of time (and money.)


After the internet revolution, however, building a personal image has become a new game entirely.


With the advent of social media, every single one of us has been gifted an opportunity to become our own channel. At no other point in history regular people—like you and me—has been enabled to outshine major power players (think TV networks and news.)


And yet, so few of us act on this opportunity.




For one, of course, we’re simply not used to it yet. “It’s for kids,” we think. “Nobody takes it seriously anyway.”


Oh, but they do. And we secretly know it. So, why don’t we invest into our own personal brands?


The most important objection—that I’ve been battling myself for a while—is that building a personal brand is simply too time consuming and there’s no obvious or immediate benefit to it.


So what if someone sees me on Youtube. Does it mean they’ll buy more from me?


It is especially true for someone who’s never done this before and doesn’t have tons of spare time. Heck, even setting up a Youtube channel can take you a few hours if you’ve never done it before.


That being said, the major thing that I’ve discovered is that personal branding is all about making it convenient for you.


Gary Vaynerchuk, for example, puts out hours of content across 100 platforms every day. Every single day. Besides that, he also runs several multi-million dollar businesses.


How does he do that? He documents everything he does. “Don’t create content, document.”  


Of course, that’s easy to say when you have a film crew running around you all day, and your life is set up as a show.


What I’ve learned from this is that creating content should be made as easily and as conveniently for you as possible. It should be like brushing teeth, or boiling some tea.


Find the format you’re most convenient with. Something you can do in 15 minutes, even if you’re tired as hell and not in the mood. Shoot a video. Record a podcast.


Make your branding as easy as hygiene, and you’ll start actually working on your brand. Otherwise, you’ll simply lose motivation along the way.


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